General Services

Free prescription collection and delivery service

We dispense NHS Prescriptions and Private Prescriptions. We provide health advice and treatment for common ailments.

We provide a FREE daily Prescription Collection and Delivery Service. 

Repeat Prescription Management

If you are taking repeat medication from your doctor, you may benefit from our Free Repeat Prescription Service where we can manage the ordering of your medication. You can register online or visit your preferred Mi Pharmacy branch and enquire about this service.

Medicines Check-Up

You can have a private consultation with the pharmacist, where you can discuss about your medication and increase your knowledge on the medicines you take and why you take them. You can also discuss any adverse effects and receive professional advice.

This is a free NHS funded service.

New Medicine Service

If you have a new medicine prescribed, you can receive advice from the pharmacist on how to take it. If this new medicine is for asthma/COPD, hypertension, anti-coagulant/anti-platelet or diabetes, then the pharmacy will provide a follow-up consultation to ensure that you are taking the medication correctly and are not suffering from any adverse effects.

This is a free NHS funded service.

Substance misuse service

This service helps reduce the risk of infections and other harm to individuals and society via the supervised consumption of heroine substitutes and the needle exchange scheme.

Substance misuse service is available from our Werrington and Eastfield branch.

Needle exchange service is available at our Eastfield branch.

Stop Smoking Service

If you are trying to stop smoking, then Mi Pharmacy can help you. We have trained, experienced members of staff at our Werrington branch who can provide one-to-one support and provide you with Nicotine replacement products that suit your needs. If you do not pay for your prescriptions, then this is a FREE service. If you do pay, then you would have to pay a prescription charge per new product that you receive.

The consultation is a free NHS funded service.

Medicine Manager Service

Mi Pharmacy can package each days medicine into a convenient blister pack. For more information please go on to our Medicine Manager Service page.

Repeat Dispensing

If your surgery provides you with repeat dispensing batch prescriptions, we can store your batches safely and securely at our pharmacy and dispense them as per your requirement.

Disposal Of Unwanted Medication

If you have medication that you no longer require, return it to Mi Pharmacy and we will dispose it safely for you.

Electronic Prescription Service

All our branches provide this service. If your surgery is providing electronic prescriptions, Mi Pharmacy can be nominated if you wish for us to dispense your medication. Please enquire in store or via online for further information.

Travel Health Clinic

We offer a range of travel vaccinations & anti-malaria tablets. The service is provided by having a one to one consultation with our pharmacist. For further information please visit our Travel clinic page

Winter Flu Vaccination Service.

All our branches provide the Flu vaccination service on a walk-in basis, providing free NHS flu jabs for eligible patients and also Private flu jabs for patients who aren’t. (subject to availability)

We provide the Flu vaccination service for businesses as well. If you are looking into getting your employees protected onsite or off,  then feel free to contact one of our branches for more information.

For Private services please click here.